What is Suoni?

The research association Suoni ry practices activist, that is, societal and action-oriented music research. The association studies music culture from the perspective of equality aiming for more socially and environmentally just musical practices. At the same time the association seeks to advance musical practices and music research as a site for societal discussions. Suoni is an independent association that collaborates with musical and cultural actors in Finland.

The association employs researchers, publishes activist music research and information packages as well as other publications, produces professional services, organises research events and participates in different ways in societal discussions and collaborates with other research and societal actors. The association is committed to a research tradition within the humanities that 1) acknowledges the nature of art to study, portray and produce reality and 2) is interested in the different ways in which art connects with society. Social action is a crucial part of Suoni’s activities.

The research association Suoni ry is founded in the societal situation where the research autonomy of universities has been reduced, particularly the preconditions for research in the arts has deteriorated drastically. Art and the research of art are in the university of today too often discussed only in terms of economic benefits, which has obscured the real purpose of research, the independent research of art and how art engages with the world. The association performs activistic research politics through action-based institution criticism while advocating preconditions for free research in an independent research association.

The name Suoni embodies the idea of music as a power for change in society and the ways in which free research finds new channels and outlets. In Italian the word ”suoni” means sounds (it. suono = sound, note, echo; plural suoni) and in Finnish it means vein, signifying the path of the liquid of life, internal life, as well as a stream, conduit or accumulation. The researchers in the association work in addition and in connection to their research as independent writers, critics, creators of radio and tv programs, NGO activists, teachers, djs, environmental activists and in many other expert tasks within civil society. They are connected by an urge to study reality through music and fight through music research for a better world.